Terry (Mar. 31, 2016)
Please pass on my apology to the crane driver on the 417 & Riverside this morning. I was driving a white Chevy van and miscalculated my lane change in the rain when the car in front of me braked for no reason giving your driver the impression that I cut him off. I know better than to try and cut off 30 tons of rolling steel in my 4 wheeler. Again, sorry. Terry
Mike - Lafontaine Iron Works (May. 29, 2014)
Email Received - Just wanted to let eveyrone know and thank Dave Moffett for an awesome job lifting our structure!!!
Joel_J (May. 22, 2014)
Achievement award ! Joel Johnson a city agent for the City of Ottawa , has called in to say that our operator Kirk McDonell has done a great job complying with the regulations of an encroachment permit that was near impossible to do. He has made the client as well as the city agent happy with relocating his crane in a manner that the job would be able to continue being done and leaving access to one street lane for the flow of traffic. Thank you Kirk for making this work !

ADMIN (Mar. 15, 2014)
Regional Crane is proud to announce the newest addition to our ever expanding fleet; the GMK 7550 is on its way to the Capital Region and will soon be available for deployment. The GMK 7550 is the largest mobile crane that Grove makes, rated at 550 Tons and it has the ability to reach high in the sky at over 400ft; that is approximately as tall as a 40 story building. Its unique and patented independent suspension system allows all fourteen wheels, mounted on seven axles, to be on the ground at all times. Regional Crane’s new flagship all terrain mobile crane is the largest of its kind in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. The Nation’s Capital construction and infrastructure companies will be able to build taller and longer bridges, bigger buildings and erect super structures such as windmills. In early 2014, keep your eyes open for the 7 axle 14 wheel crane driving down Ottawa roads to construction sites near you. It is sure to afford our clients with extensive cost savings and variety of construction and set up options.
ADMIN (Mar. 13, 2014)
Combiné avec des autoroutes à haute vitesse et d'excellente performance hors-route, Grove GMK5210 est à la fois efficace et capable. La grue tout terrain Grove GMK5210 a une capacité de 210 tonnes. Equipée d'un système TWIN-LOCK unique pour Grues, elle a une flèche principale à sept sections, totalement hydraulique, de 197 pieds de longueur. Toutes les roues à mode multiple de pilotage fournissent une mobilité inégale sur le site de travail et le système de suspension exclusif MEGATRAK améliore la maniabilité et la traction que ce soit sur la route ou en dehors de la route.

Combined with fast highway speeds and excellent off-road performance, the Grove GMK5210 is both efficient and capable. The Grove GMK5210 All Terrain crane has a capacity of 210 tons. Equipped with Grove's unique TWIN-LOCK system, it has a fully hydraulic, seven-section main boom length of 197 feet, and hydraulic luffing jib lattice extensions that extend an additional 72 feet. All wheel multiple mode steering provides unrivaled job site mobility and the exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system enhances drivability and traction both on and off-road.
ADMIN (Mar. 12, 2014)
The Grove TMS640 is a truck mounted hydraulic crane with a 40 ton capacity and a full-power four-section boom length of up to 105 feet, with a telescopic swing-away extension of 51 feet. Powered by a Cummins 6CTA six-cylinder turbocharged 300hp engine, it has a state-of-the-art suspension and shock absorber system, making for a comfortable ride, even at its top speed of 50 mph. It has an 8x4 configuration. The TMS640 sets up quickly, and has a host of other features which enhance its usefulness and flexibility at the job site.
ADMIN (Mar. 11, 2014)
The Grove RT640 rough terrain crane has 40 ton capacity and a four-section main boom which extends to 105 feet. It features a rugged deep box section frame designed to handle the tough conditions found on job sites. One of Grove's top cranes, the RT640 has best in class capabilities, including quick-reeve boom and hookblock, synchronized boom extension, and four steering modes.
ADMIN (Mar. 10, 2014)
The Link-Belt RTC-8060 Rough Terrain crane has a 60 ton maximum lift capacity and 110 foot, four-section, hydraulic telescoping boom with quick reeve boom head. Incorporating optional extensions, the maximum tip height is 172 feet. It uses an exclusive Confined Area Lifting Capacity (CALC) system which allowing it to work more effectively in smaller spaces. The Link-Belt RTC-8060 offers exceptional power, flexibility and reliability, including "A-max" boom mode which allows for more precise boom operation, and BOSS, an exclusive boom stiffening system.
ADMIN (Mar. 09, 2014)
The Link-Belt RTC-8065 Rough Terrain crane has a 65 ton maximum lift capacity and 115 foot, four-section, hydraulic telescoping boom with quick reeve boom head. Incorporating optional extensions, the maximum tip height is 168 feet. It uses an exclusive Confined Area Lifting Capacity (CALC) system which allowing it to work more effectively in smaller spaces. Link-Belt currently also offers a newer model, the RTC-8065-II which incorporates numerous upgrades and advancements, including "A-max" boom mode which allows for more precise boom operation, and BOSS, an exclusive boom stiffening system.
ADMIN (Mar. 07, 2014)
The Tadano GT-900XL Hydraulic Truck Crane has a maximum lift capacity of 90 tons and a five-section full-power synchronized telescoping boom with a maximum length of 144 feet. For extreme flexibility, Tadano truck cranes each have two cabs, one on a rotating superstructure for crane operation, and the other on a carrier for driving operation. This crane features a Daimler Chrysler OM460LA turbo-charged engine and cruise control.
ADMIN (Mar. 03, 2014)
From city streets to rugged jobsites, the GMK6300B continues to be a global success. Featuring the latest steer-by-wire technology and patented MEGATRACK™ system, the GMK6300B commands a large lifting capacity while maintaining its versatility and compact design.

This revolutionary design features an independent hydroneumatic system with hydraulic lockout acting on all wheels. The suspension can be raised 6-1/2” (170 mm) or lowered 5” (130 mm) both longitudinally and transversely and features an automatic leveling system for on-highway travel.
ADMIN (Mar. 01, 2014)
Regional Crane is an industry leader in Ottawa and Western Quebec and the surrounding areas. Our diverse fleet offers the largest selection of hydraulic cranes, all terrain, rough terrain, truck cranes and boom trucks in the region.

Grue Régionale est un leader de l'industrie à Ottawa et l'ouest du Québec et les régions environnantes. Notre flotte diversifiée offre le plus grand choix de grues hydrauliques, tout terrain, camions-grues et camions à flèche dans la région.
ADMIN (Jan. 01, 2014)
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